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Linwood offers the following array of voice and data services from top internet service providers, local and long distance carriers, and web hosting service providers such as AT&T, Qwest Communications, Sprint and XO Communications. As an authorized business partner for these best-of-breed telecommunications companies, we act as an independent third party advisor to find you the best bundled communications solution. So whether it's our telecommunications expertise, voice & data product and service procurement, or the management and facilitation of services, you'll have a solution ideally suited to help your business communicate efficiently and cost effectively.

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Voice - from local dial tone, VoIP to toll free service
• Local calling plans
• Switched and dedicated long distance plans
• Toll-free service
• International plans
• Voice Over Internet Protocol (VoIP)
• Integrated Access

Data - WAN services from 56k through SONET speeds
• Private Line
• DS0, DS1/T1, DS3/T3
• OC3 to OC192
• Integrated Voice and Data

Bandwidth - high speed internet access to hosting

• Dedicated - 1.5 Mbps to Gig E
• Ethernet
• Web Hosting
• Co-Location Hosting
• Managed Internet Service
• Security/Firewall Services
• Voice over IP
• Applications Hosting

Wireless - voice to data to email
• Voice calling plans
• Data plans
• Cell phones, smartphones, Blackberry, connection cards
• Corporate discount programs
• Wireless WANs

Conferencing - from audio to interactive web conferencing
•Managed Conferencing Plans


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